Data Monkey Basket – Supporting files for the book

Workbooks and Supporting Documents 

For ‘M is for (Data) Monkey’ (1st edition)

You probably got here from the link in our book M is for (Data) Monkey. This is the webpage where you can download all the workbooks that were used in the book, as well as other content, to help you master Power Query.

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Addendum on Connecting to our Azure Database

Unfortunately, due to a change in the digital certificate setup for Azure SQL servers, we’ve had to revise the connection information used to connect to our AdventureWorks database.

Database Credentials

Instead of using the connection information found on page 65 of M is for (Data) Monkey, please use the following connection information:

  • Create a new query –> From Azure –> From Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Connect to the following database:
    • Server:
    • Database: AdventureWorks2012

When prompted for security information, make sure you select/enter:

  1. Database (not Windows or Microsoft Account)
  2. Username: DataMonkey
  3. Password: D4t4M0nk3y!

(Note that we use a zero in the password, not a capital ‘o’.)

And at that point you should be good to go!

Still Can’t Connect?

Our server is running 24/7/365, so the most likely issue is that you are behind a firewall that is blocking your access. Try connecting from another location or via a VPN to see if this is the case.

What About Credentials for the SSAS Example?

We apologize for not making this clearer in the text on page 71, but due to the cost of running an SSAS server, we were unable to provide a live connection for you to test this example.