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Skillwave · October 1, 2019

What you’ll learn

Course Overview

Want to fully master your data and the art of Data Preparation for Excel and Power BI? Then this is the course that you’re looking for.

We’re known for our practical approach in our courses, and this course is no exception. You can expect real-world scenarios and solutions that our world-class instructors have created over the years. This is a course where we focus more and more into the language behind Power Query: the M language.

This course begins with user-interface driven patterns for complex data transformations. From pivoting a single column of data into a full table, to un-pivoting sub-categorized data and more, you’ll learn some of the coolest tricks of the trade. You’ll look at automating Power Query refresh in Excel, as well as how to keep your file solution organized.

And then it’s time to take a deep dive into M, the language behind our data Magic. Not only will you learn how to code using the M language, but you’ll also learn the best way to tackle your scenarios using the M language. We’ll show you a completely new way of thinking on how to approach your Data Preparation scenarios.

Of course, no advanced technical course would be complete unless you learned how to apply the theory in real world scenarios. For that reason, you’ll see lessons on:

  • Driving dynamic file paths for Excel solutions
  • Building fully dynamic calendar tables for Excel and Power BI
  • Future proofing queries against the challenge of dynamic headers

And finally, we show you how we – as experts – set up our Power Query environment to both optimize the development and run time for our solutions.

This course is packed with steps, formulas, and tricks from world-class experts that you can use to save hours of time. It’s the ultimate training to become a Power Query Ninja.

Who this course is for?

  • People who already have the skills provided in our “Power Query Essentials” course (or equivalent experience)
  • People who are comfortable with Power Query and want to push their skills to the next level
  • People who want total control of their data in Excel or Power BI

Bundle Offer:

For the ultimate Power Query training package, our Power Query Bundle gives you access to everything in this course, plus full access to both the Power Query Fundamentals and Power Query Essentials courses as well. The Power Query Bundle is the best value for those who truly want to master Power Query! Check out our subscription options and pricing on the main Power Query Academy page.

What you get with the course

8+ Hours of Video Content

Downloadable Files and Handouts

8 Quizzes

'M is for Data Monkey' Digital Book

3 Workshop Labs

Premium Content and Instructors

Support and Discussions Group

Course Certificate of Completion

Power Query Recipes

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Course Update Log

First release of the course as Power Query Advanced

New videos added:

  • Numbering Grouped Rows (in Advanced Data Reshaping Module)
  • Targeting Errors using the TRY function (in Formulas and Conditional Logic Module)

New videos added by Matt Allington:

  • Advanced Data Reshaping Module
    • A Hacker’s Approach to Numbering Grouped Rows
  • Managing Queries Module
    • Adding Comments to Tables
    • Bonus Tips for Working with Queries
  • Advanced M Techniques Module
    • Managing Changes to Columns
    • Creating Audit Queries and Alerts

New videos added by Matt Allington:

  • Advanced Data Reshaping Module
    • Pivoting Stacked Data Revisited
  • Bringing it All Together Module – new module added just before the Practice Labs
    • Correcting Incorrect Records
    • Toggle File Combine Between Local and SharePoint

New video added by Matt Allington:

  • Managing Queries Module
    • Repointing a Query to a Different Data Source

The Instructors

This course is developed by Ken Puls, Miguel Escobar, and Matt Allington three of the world’s leading business intelligence experts. Read more about each of our trainers by clicking on their profile links below.

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