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Designing Impactful Reports with Power BI

  • On Demand
Author: Reid Havens
Power BI Desktop has a host of features available to build impactful reports. Learn how to really make your reports shine by adding elements such as: drillthrough, bookmarks, report page tooltips, conditional formatting, custom visuals, and more.

Designing Impactful Reports with Power BI

SALE: $129 USD ($199 Reg) for the first year, $29 USD/year after that
This Course contains:
3h 30m of video content
11 Content Modules
Downloadable files and Handouts
Support and Discussion groups
Certificate of completion
3h 30m
Power BI
Data Visualization

What you'll learn?

A brief introduction to Power BI Reporting and Power BI Desktop
The best ways to create new reports and report pages
Best ways to apply filters and slicers for a positive user experience
Adding and configuring report elements such as cards, charts, maps, and more
The importance of using themes and formats, and how to create them
Reviewing the end-user experience and the importance of configuring settings for published reports
Applying conditional formatting to different types of visualizations
Using drillthrough between report pages, visual cross-filtering, and syncing slicers between report pages
Adding native tooltips, report tooltips, and visual header tooltips
How to use (and add value using) bookmarks and buttons
Exploring the custom visual marketplace, and the pros and cons of using custom visuals

Course Overview

Course Description

This training is developed and delivered by Microsoft MVP Reid Havens, and covers many essential design principles (and how to apply them) to build impactful reports in Power BI Desktop. Students will learn about how to enhance report design by adding elements such as: drillthrough, bookmarks, report page tooltips, conditional formatting, custom visuals, and more.

There is coverage on best practices and recommendations that build upon the functions and features available in Power BI Desktop, providing you with a strong design foundation upon which you can create your reports.

This course benefits both those new to Power BI and report design and those already familiar with Power BI. If you have a basic working knowledge of Power BI, this training will help fill in any gaps in your knowledge so you have a more complete set of skills.

Regardless of your experience in building visually attractive reports, this course will show you what a stunning Power BI report looks like. Reid will share the many things he does to make his reports stand out from the crowd.  

When you apply what you learn to your own reports, you and your users are going to love the results.

Completed Report & Features Showcase

Curious what kinds of things you are going to learn in this course? Embedded below is a fully interactive sample of the completed report you’ll be building. 

As you work your way through the lessons, you’ll learn about different ways to visualize data, and how to combine and configure these elements into a clean and attractive report. You’ll also learn how to make your reports more engaging and useful, by creating interactive features that allow the end user to filter or drill down into the data to focus on certain aspects. 

Try it out for yourself by playing around with the various features!

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who is new to Power BI and report design.
  • Anyone who has taken our Foundations of Power BI – Data to Dashboards course (or already has experience using Power BI) and wants to take their report building skills to the next level. Note:  Foundations of Power BI is not a pre-requisite.
  • Anyone who wants to create more impactful Power BI reports.

Special Introductory Offer

The regular price of this course is $199 USD for the first year of access, and then $29 USD/year to continue access after that. However, as a special introductory offer you can enroll today for just $129 USD for your first year!

Course Update Log

First release of the course.

Course Formats

On Demand
This is a on-demand course, delivered via pre-recorded video modules that you can consume at your own pace. It includes all required sample files, practice sets, and Q&A tests to validate your knowledge.

Course Content

Welcome to the Course!
1 Lesson
Getting Started
Introduction to Power BI
4 Lessons
About the Trainer
Introduction to Power BI Reporting
Introduction to Power BI Desktop
Data and Fields Pane
Developing Reports
1 Lesson
Report Lifecycle & Creating New Reports
Report Filters
2 Lessons
Filters Pane and Slicers
Filters and Slicers Demo
Report Elements
7 Lessons
Adding Report Elements
Single Value Cards Demo
Charts and Top N Filters Demo
Combo and Line Charts Demo
Editing Visual Interactions Demo
Heat and Geography Map Demo
Analytics Pane Demo
Theme and Formatting
4 Lessons
Configure Theme and Formatting
Title Section Demo
Page 1 Formatting Demo
Page 2 Formatting Demo
User Experience
3 Lessons
User Experience – Introduction
Reviewing User Interactions
Recommended Practices
Conditional Formatting
2 Lessons
Conditional Formatting – Introduction
Conditional Formatting – Demo
Drillthrough & Slicer Configurations
2 Lessons
Drillthrough & Slicer Configurations – Introduction
Drillthrough & Slicer Configurations – Demo
Advanced Tooltips
3 Lessons
Advanced Tooltips – Introduction
Report Tooltips Demo
Visual Header Tooltips Demo
3 Lessons
Bookmarks – Introduction
Bookmarks – Button States Demo
Bookmarks – Demo
Custom Visuals
2 Lessons
Custom Visuals – Introduction
Custom Visuals – Demo

How subscription works?

This course is built on an annual subscription format. Your registration comes with 12 months of access to the course materials, so you can refer back to the videos and example files whenever you like. Your subscription also gives you access to our private Discussion Forum, where you can ask questions related to the course materials, as well as how to apply those teachings to your own work. This forum is an invaluable resource that also allows students to practice their own learnings by helping others with those questions.

On your annual renewal date, your subscription will be automatically renewed with the credit card information on file, unless you cancel your subscription beforehand. You will be emailed a renewal reminder about one month before the renewal date. Please see the FAQs below for information about subscription renewals and cancellations.

About the author

Reid Havens

Microsoft MVP
Reid Havens is the founder of Havens Consulting Inc. and is a Microsoft MVP. He has an extensive background in technology and organizational management, and a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and Business Analytics. Reid has experience as a consultant, content developer, and teacher in Business Intelligence, reporting, and data visualization.


How do I access the course materials? Are they downloadable?
The videos are streamed on-demand and may be watched as often as you like. However, they are not downloadable. The example files and handouts for each lesson are downloadable.
Where are the course videos hosted?
All the videos for the course are hosted on Vimeo. Please note that some networks block access to Vimeo, in which case the videos will not be watchable. You may want to double-check that your network allows access to Vimeo before registering in the Academy, to ensure that you will be able to see the videos.
What support is included with the course? How do I ask questions?
All users with a current course subscription receive access to our private Discussion Forum, where they can ask questions related to the course materials, as well as how to apply those teachings to their own work. This forum is also intended to act as a place for students to practice their own learnings by helping others with those questions. While the focus of this forum is primarily aimed at allowing students to learn by helping each other, they are monitored by our course authors as well. For technical issues related to the site, course access, or other questions regarding your account, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.
How do I renew my subscription?
Our system will automatically renew your subscription for another year on your expiry date using the billing information on file. About a month (4 weeks) before your current expiry date, you will receive an email from us reminding you that the renewal is coming up and to confirm your billing details so your access is uninterrupted.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to all the course materials until your expiry date. To cancel your subscription, go to the Subscriptions of your Account Dashboard and select the subscription to cancel. After your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to the course materials.
What payment methods do you accept? What currency is used?
We accept credit card payments through our secure online payment portal, Stripe. If you would like to discuss other payment options, please get in touch through our Contact Us page. All transactions are charged in US Dollars.
What is your refund policy for this course?
We think you will love our training; however, if you are unsatisfied with the training for any reason, we offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee, as long as you have completed less than 25% of the course. All we ask in return is that you tell us why you were unsatisfied with the training. We do not offer refunds if you have completed over 25% of the course and/or it is more than 14 days after the purchase date.
Can an account be shared with or transferred to another user?
Logins, downloads, and other materials are for the exclusive use of the registered user only. Sharing of credentials is in violation of our site policies and may result in termination of product and/or site access without notice.


Designing Impactful Reports with Power BI

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